This is the most popular tour for visitors who are in Parma for the first time. It is a walking tour and it includes all the city highlights.
In piazza Duomo we will visit two wonderful medieval buildings: the Cathedral and the Baptistery with their sculptures and frescoes.
Inside the imposing Pilotta Palace the magnificent Teatro Farnese (Farnese Theatre) will reveal the ambition of the Farnese family.
We‘ll walk past Teatro Regio, our Royal Opera House, and Santa Maria della Steccata, a Renaissance church dedicated to the Virgin.
The tour ends in Piazza Garibaldi, the city main square which was once the Roman forum and still is the heart of the city.
The tour can include a gourmet stop at a deli to taste delicious local products. It can be combined with a half-day tour of the castles around Parma, or extended to include a visit to a local cheese, ham or balsamic vinegar producer.
PERSONAL GUIDED TOUR DURATION: 2-3 hours walking tour


If you plan on spending a whole day in Parma, this tour will allow you to discover some real artistic and historical gems including the works by two great Renaissance masters: Antonio Allegri also known as Correggio and Girolamo Mazzola aka Parmigianino.
After the visit to the Cathedral and the Baptistery, we’ll head for the nearby Benedictine Monastero San Giovanni Evangelista (Monastery of St. John the Evangelist) founded in the 10th century and entirely renovated in Renaissance time.
Inside the Pilotta Palace Teatro Farnese (Farnese theatre) will introduce us to Galleria Nazionale (National Gallery) with its masterpieces ranging from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance (including a drawing by Leonardo).
We’ll also discover Camera di San Paolo (Chamber of Saint Paul), a room frescoed by the young Correggio around 1520 for a Benedictine abbess.
The tour will end with a visit to the church S. Maria della Steccata and, last but not least, the famed Teatro Regio, the neoclassical Royal Opera house.
The tour can include a gourmet stop at a deli to taste delicious local products.
PERSONAL GUIDED TOUR DURATION: full day walking tour


If you love the Middle Ages, you can’t miss this tour. Step back in time walking around the city centre and the area called Oltretorrente (beyond the river).
Our journey in time starts in piazza Duomo: the Cathedral, the Baptistery and Palazzo Vescovile (Bishop’s Palace) were all built in medieval times. A visit to Museo Diocesano (Diocesan Museum) will help you understand the development of this area.
Inside the former Monastery of St. Paul discover a small medieval chapel (Sacello di San Paolo) and Pinacoteca Stuard, a picture gallery with panel paintings dating back to the fourteenth and fifteenth century.
Crossing the river along the Roman via Emilia, we’ll walk past Ospedale Vecchio (Old Hospital) founded in 1201 and reach Santa Croce (the church of the Holy Cross) which marked one of the doors of the city for Medieval pilgrims.
PERSONAL GUIDED TOUR DURATION: half day or full day walking tour


Violets have been one of the city symbols since Marie Louise of Austria, second wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, became Duchess of Parma in 1816.
Find out about this gentle flower and the Duchess for whom the friars in Parma created the fragrance Violetta di Parma.
Retrace Marie Louise’s footsteps thanks to the works of art, clothes, jewellery and documents on display in Museo Glauco Lombardi and visit Teatro Regio, the Opera House built at her behest.
Follow the progress of the fragrance Violetta di Parma from the mortars and pestles in the rooms of Antica Spezieria di San Giovanni (the old apothecary shop attached to the Monastery of Saint John) to Collezione permanente ParmaColorViola, a permanent exhibition of the stylish graphics and merchandising gadgets used to promote the industrially-produced perfume in the nineteenth and twentieth century.
The tour can end with a walk in Orto Botanico (Botanical garden) where in spring you can see different varieties of violets.
PERSONAL GUIDED TOUR DURATION: 2-3 hour walking tour