The popular and successful Italian opera composer was born at Roncole Verdi, a hamlet in the municipality of Busseto, 40 km. north of Parma in a rural area where his memories are still alive.
The tour takes you on a visit to his birthplace and the parish church where he started his musical training. Then to Busseto where you will see casa Barezzi, the home of his first patron, and teatro Verdi, a miniature opera house named after him.
Finally in Sant’Agata in the in the countryside near Piacenza you will discover villa Verdi, the home he chose for himself once he was successful.
The Maestro was a gourmet and in this area you can taste local gastronomic delights including Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan cheese) or culatello di Zibello (the best and most delicate part of a prosciutto) at local producer or in a trattoria.
PERSONAL GUIDED TOUR DURATION: half-day tour or full-day tour. You’ll need a car for this tour.