Saint John’s Eve in Parma: tortelli and magic dewdrops

Saint John’s Eve in Parma is really special: on the night of June 23rd friends, families and communities gather around outdoor tables to eat tortelli d’erbetta and be blessed by the night dew which – just for once – is supposed to be both beneficial and lucky.

Why on this night? […]

The Teatro Farnese in Parma: a tale of ambition

If you visit Parma, you can’t miss one its main attractions: the stunning Teatro Farnese inside the imposing Pilotta Palace.

It was a court theatre and when the Duke of Parma Ranuccio I Farnese had it built in 1618 (only two years after Shakespeare’s death). He was ambitious and determined to […]

Tracing the Roman origins of Parma

The Roman origins of Parma date back to 2,200 years ago according to the Roman historian Titus Livius (or Livy). In his history of Rome he writes that the Roman colony of Parma was established in 183 B.C. and the first settlers were two thousand men and their families.

We know […]

On a tour to Parma with Charles Dickens

Can you imagine coming on a tour to Parma with one of the best-known British writers of all times? Indeed Charles Dickens visited our city in 1844 and recorded his impressions about it in a travelogue which was later published with the title Pictures from Italy. He was travelling through […]

Guided tour of a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese factory

Parmigiano Reggiano is a unique cheese renowned all over the world – when in Parma you can take a guided tour of a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese factory and witness the daily birth of the king of cheeses in a local caseificio (cheese-making establishment).

Parmigiano Reggiano cheese production is still an artisanal […]

Spring in Parma: nature and art celebrate the renewal of life

April marks the arrival of the warm season everywhere and a tour at this time of the year is the best way to see nature and art jointly celebrating the triumph of Spring in Parma.

A solemn young girl crowned with flowers is the most representative personification of Spring in town. […]

Parmigianino’s fresco in Fontanellato: a hidden gem

Hidden inside Rocca Sanvitale (Sanvitale castle) in Fontanellato near Parma there’s a small room frescoed by a Renaissance master. In 1524 Count Galeazzo Sanvitale commissioned the twenty-year-old Francesco Mazzola, aka Parmigianino, to paint the myth of Diana and Actaeon and the result is absolutely charming.
A talented young painter and a […]

Saint Hilary patron saint of Parma

On January 13th we celebrate the feast day of Saint Hilary patron saint of Parma (one of its patron saint, actually).

Hilary was born in Poitiers in the early 5th century in a pagan family. He was learned and after studying the Old and New Testament he chose to become a […]

Christmas food in Parma

Christmas food in Parma is a matter of tradition and it plays a prominent role in the way we celebrate. Each family treasures its own special version of traditional recipes which give Christmas its distinctive taste.

In Parma on Christmas Eve locals usually do not have meat for dinner and one […]

Correggio’s Camera San Paolo Parma

In the early 16th century the Benedictine monastery of the nuns of Saint Paul was one of the wealthiest and most influential religious institutions in Parma. The nuns of the monastery were the daughters of the local ruling families and the abbesses could afford to hire the best contemporary artists. […]